We are HILOTRONS. Simply just a band, like other bands… but not as good as The Jesus Lizard. There are five of us: Michael Dubue, Alex Moxon, Philip Charbonneau, Pascal Delaquis and Adam Saikaley. Sometimes we wish we had super heavy musicians we admire in our band, INSTEAD of our current members. For example, at any given point we would totally trade Michael for Mike Patton, Alex for Adrian Belew, Philip for Trevor Dunn, Pascal Delaquis for Tony Allen, and Adam Saikaley for Herbie Hancock. However, do to limitations, we understand what is possible and, so, we happily choose to work with what we got.

We approach music transcending the idea of genre, making musical statements or asking musical questions, accepting the responsibility of growing, learning, and evolving as musicians/composers while embracing the absurd, darkness, and humour of life. We also super-dig movies and stand up comedy! Never looking for any sort of balance, we try to reflect ALL of this in our music and on our records.

In February 2015, we releases a new album called To Trip With Terpsichore, which will be available for FREE at www.totripwithterpsichore.com, as well as pressed to vinyl. It is a concept record about how angry we are at Canada. It’s live to tape – it’s a dirty ritual – it’s a raw diet… it’s nothing slow.

We’ve been a band for 13 years and have released the albums Porch Dweller (2002), HILOTRONS S/T (2003), Bella Simone (2006), Happymatic (2008; Polaris Long-List), At Least There’s Commotion (2013), Make Everything Number One (2013) and Sing Song (2014). We’ve also scored and performed a bunch of films from the silent era, including The Cabinet Of Doctor Caligari, Back To God’s Country and Carry On, Sergeant!.

Hope to see you at one of our shows soon enough! Word.


The Band

  • Mike Dubue – vocals, synth, MPC
  • Adam Saikaley – synth, MPC
  • Alex Moxon – guitar
  • Philippe Charbonneau – bass
  • Pascal Delaquis – drums

Good Vibes

– LP “Happymatic” (Kelp Records, 2008) was included on the Polaris Long-List in 2009.

– “Ottawa pop-rock geniuses…sophisticated and infectiously danceable” – Exclaim!