Label Records is an independent record label based in Ottawa, Ontario Canada and founded in August 2012 by friends and music lovers Andi White, Graham Thatcher, and Jackie King.

Label Records is passionate about Ottawa’s local music scene and endeavours to find, promote, and support the city’s best up-and-coming musical talent. Label prides itself on fostering close relationships with its artists and works in a team-oriented way to make the best use of everyone’s skills and expertise. Label aims to treat their artists as nice as they would their closest friends and to never lose sight of the ‘human’ aspect of why they went into this business in the first place.


Is Label looking for new artists?

We’re not actively seeking to expand our roster at the moment, but we’d still love to hear from you and chat about whether there might be an opportunity to collaborate.  Send Andi an email (andi@labelrecords.ca) or befriend one of us in person – we can usually be found at live shows singing and dancing along with everyone else.

Can I have a Label artist perform at an event, party, festival, etc. that I am planning?

Absolutely. Send us a message and we’ll get in touch with you to make it happen.

Can I use [insert song here] in my movie, on my website, etc.?

Definitely a possibility. Drop us a line so we can discuss the details.

What’s with the name ‘ Label’?

After many sleepless nights and angst-filled days trying to come up with a name that we all liked, we asked one of our favourite servers in town what name he thought was worthy. This very astute individual suggested ‘Label’ which we considered a brilliant suggestion because we don’t really need a name; it’s not about us, it’s all about our artists and their music.